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What We Do

The relationship between getting a good night's sleep and one's overall health is well documented, and nothing impacts this more directly than having a good, quality mattress.

National Foam Products specializes in creating custom mattresses for any need, from memory foam mattresses that can help strip the stress of the day away to orthopedic mattresses designed to help those with back and joint pain. 

We pride ourselves in building high-quality hybrid mattresses designed with multiple levels of foam densities, designed to give you the perfect degree of support without breaking the bank. We can create mattresses of any thickness and with any multitude of combined density layers, from soft to extra firm and everything in between.

Kings. Queens. California Kings. Twins - Even custom sizes. In fact, we specialize in creating custom mattresses and homes, hotels, rv’s, boats and yachts, matching every dimension and angle for the perfect fit. Just like tailored clothing, you deserve a custom fit mattress for the most comfortable sleep.

Why National Foam Products?

Why go out and spend a couple thousand dollars on a brand name mattress built of the same quality materials when you can get the same quality mattress for a fraction of the price from NFP? We invite you to come in to our Pompano Beach, Florida location and speak with one of our foam specialists and learn how much more you can get with one of our custom mattresses.

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