Design Your Perfect Custom Cushion or Mattress

What We Do

National Foam Products stocks and supplies a wide range of foam types for the upholstery, marine, automotive and packaging industries. We specialize in polyurethane and polyethylene foams which are suited for a wide range of applications.

Open-cell Polyurethane Foams

This is the typical foam which is found in bed mattresses and seat cushions. We stock huge blocks of this material which can be purchased in sheets of any thickness. The variety of densities and firmness levels are practically endless, ranging from very light, soft foams to hard foams more suited for orthopedic uses.

Closed-Cell Foams 

We carry sheets of Coast Guard approved closed-cell foam in both white and black which can be used for a variety of applications. We've seen this foam used for everything from motorcycle seats to yacht hoists to jacuzzi covers. Very firm, waterproof and incredibly durable.

DriFast Marine Foam

It goes by many names (QuickDry, Ez-Dry), but this foam is designed NOT to retain water. Perfect for exposed marine cushions and seats and outdoor furniture, this foam is soft enough to sit on, yet tough enough to withstand the elements. Water literally pours right through it!

Specialty Foams 

We also supply specialty foams for specific industries with unique needs. Need sound-proofing for your recording studio? We can get our hands on undulated egg-crate foam at prices far less than any music store. Need a specialty foam for your new invention? We can special order just about any foam type there is; and if we can't find it, we know the industry experts and chemists who can!


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